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It's Lovely To meet you

Crystal Keeper's is located deep in the forests of the Oregon Coastal Range...

Dana, lives here with her family & Animals.
She enjoys working in her studio making jewelry, painting, & creating music. Dana is deeply connected to the Land & Earth Spirits here.
Her love of Spirit & intuitively connecting with all forms of life, is her primary source of inspiration. As is above, so is below.
Crystal Keepers is a Woman owned and operated company.
Thank you for being here!

Dana Robinson-Wild

Founder of Crystal Keepers Apothecary


Dana, has created the Workshops & on-line courses:

"Crystal Communication"

"Heal Your Brain, Balance Your Mind."


Dana is formally trained & certified in:

- Usui Reiki

- All Love Reiki

- Theta Healing

- KRI Kundalini Yoga Instructor


Dana's jewelry has been featured at the LA Fashion Market & is sold in designer boutiques all over the country. Her jewelry is created with clean metals and beautiful stones from sources she loves.

"I'm all about sacred adornment!" -D. Wild

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