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What is My Crystal good for?

That is the number one question I get asked.

Is rose quartz for your heart? Maybe, maybe not.

Are Lemurian Crystals coded within the striations? Maybe, maybe not.

Will Amethyst help me stay sober? Well... maybe, maybe not. Do you believe it will? Have you asked it?

See, generally things work according to the story we have set in our mind. Faith and Placebo are powerful. So powerful in fact, it's hard to know what is and what is not all part of our own illusion.

That being said, if you want to know how a crystal works, the best way to find out it to ask it. Work with your Crystals. Find out for your self what the Amethyst in you hand does. You can do this through simple meditations. Meditation, taking time to center and listen is how we consciously practice with the Vibration of the Universe and can receive infinite information.

We are currently working on two guided meditation videos to support you in

Crystal communication.

I hope to have them up with the next couple weeks, so check back in :)

Sat Nam

~Dana Wild

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