Weight: 10g

Origin: Peñas Blanca Mine, Columbia 

Type: 1


There are 3 types of Lemuirans coming from this mine in Columbia (that we know of).
All three are incredibly bright and refract more light than we’ve seen in a crystal. Some of them almost seem as though they’ve been laser cut while in the Earth.


~All Crystals from this mine are Amazing~


  • Type One: Super clear, sharp edges and deeply etched striations with barnacles and crystal hieroglyphics. Has a rougher appearance and are considered the highest quality we carry from this mine. A major rainbow caster.
  • Type Two: Super clear with well defined edges. Distinct, fine yet smooth striations. Some barnacles and crystal hieroglyphics. Amazing rainbow casters.
  • Type Three: Mini laser wands, singers. Thin (3-4mm wide), 1”-2” long. Incredibly clear and also casts rainbows. 


All three types are incredible. It is our honor to be able to offer them to you at this time.


Columbian Lemurian Crystal Point