Necklaces that are both beautiful and transformative: 

- Crystal Pendants are intentionally chosen and sent to you.

- Phantom Quartz are symbolic of universal consciousness and the cycles of life. They aid in resolving things of the past and ground us to Mother Earth.

- Amplifies the balance and alignment of the Chakra system.

- Crystals love working with you in meditation, dowsing, setting intentions, manifestation, visions, metaphysical initiations, conducting energy and just day to day life.

- Each crystal has its own unique aspects.

- Chosen among hundreds because of individual qualities.

- These Natural Crystal points come from Brazil and Tibet.

- No two crystals are the same. Please allow for variations.

Materials: Leather, 14k Gold Fill, Quartz Crystal Point

All my Love, Dana

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Phantom Quartz: Crystal Companion