Origin: Purple Hope Mine, Washington

Weight: 77g

All the crystals I offer are hand selected for a reason. I love crystals that are ready to be companions and teachers. 

This Crystal is a Master Teacher! It is an Elestial Quartz with many Double Terminations. It is full of rainbows, record keepers and codes. It is a slightly smoky, lavender color with iron inclusions creating a citrine like energy as well. 

To be completely honest with you, the stones coming from the Purple Hope mine and King Ridge are currently my favorite stones to work with. 
I want to charge water with this crystal :)

I believe that many people are not ready to understand the information these stones are bringing forward. They speak they teach of the Soul, Star, Heavens and Elemental connectivity to all life. They speak of Dragons as well. I encourage you to work with any stone from these mines. Please let me know how your journeys go! I'd love to hear what your experiences are.

Purple Hope DT, Elestial Crystal