Weight: 334g


This piece has a beautiful, gem grade Baryte crystal point right in its center. It also features what looks to be hematite, pyrite and other small druzies.

The crystals are tabular with a perfect cleavage. They are weighted well heavy, they feel strong and are so beautiful.

Here’s some information, courtesy of The University of Waterloo:

Baryte Hardness: 3 - 3.5

“The name Baryte comes from the Greek word “Barys,” meaning heavy. In fact, an alternate name for baryte is “heavy spar”. It has an unusually high specific gravity for a non-metallic mineral.
Most baryte is mined from layers of sedimentary rock which formed when baryte precipitated onto the bottom of the ocean floor. Some smaller mines utilize barite from veins, which formed when barium sulphate precipitated from hot subterranean waters. In some cases, baryte is a by-product of mining lead, zinc, silver or other metal ores, especially in hydrothermal veins.”

Silver Baryte