Earth Space PDX July 10th, Noon - 3:15PM

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Hello Crystal Keepers!

My name is, Dana Wild~

I’m a light worker with formal certifications in: Reiki, Theta Healing & Kundalini Yoga.

That said, I am a Spiritual Warrior, Seer, Healer, Medicine Woman, Blue Light Energy Worker, & Crystal Keeper.

I’ve been working with crystals since early childhood and have been incorporating crystals in my practice for over 20 years. 

It came to me some years back that it is my passion to teach *Activation Meditations* with the support Crystals. My work also includes supporting recovery & remapping of the brain & nervous system, for individuals who have received injury or trauma.

It’s beautiful work. I’m grateful to offer it to those interested in learning.


I thrive in researching ancient civilizations & connecting the dots of human origins, science, spirituality, symbolism, faerie tales and beyond. I believe we’re all Angels, Children of Creator, Divine with access to all the information in the Universe. That we all have unique gifts & work. That we’ve chosen to manifest, express, serve each other & enjoy this life. It is my honor to hold space for each of you attending, to support you in opening and expanding your individual energetic capabilities and shine like the divine beings you are. The World needs you.


In the workshop you will experience:

  • Many guided *Activation Meditations* with & without the Crystals.

  • Grounding techniques & meditations.

  • Accessing all the information in the Universe

  • Resonance vs dissonance.

  • Understanding “the clairs,” tapping into yours.

  • The nature of Crystals & how they function.

  • Learning to “hear” Crystals. They are individuals with individual work.

  • Clearing, strengthening, healing your own crystalline body as well as the Crystals and stones you work with.

  • Strengthening, amplifying and maintaining the energy body to increase well-being and health. 

  • Ways to incorporate Crystals into your personal & profession practices. 

  • Meeting new & incredible people.

  • Time to tune in & do your work.


This workshop is intended to teach you many tools and expand your current practice with meditation and crystals. It’s a wonderful experience and I look forward to being with you.



~ Stay Wild, Star Child.

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"The amount of knowledge that was shared about crystals and our personal Divine connection with them, as well as how we can use them for deep inner healing, etc. spoke to me at a heart level and provided me with direction and guidance on my spiritual awakening journey that I have been seeking. The love and compassion that was expressed by Dana for people and our children ;), animals, nature, the elements, our entire planet, carried a sacred message that we are one and our lights will shine more brightly than ever before as we go back to our roots! Thank you Dana!"
Spiritual Wave Rider (Annym Awakening) ♡

"Painting the bridge, bridging the gap, crossing the river, see you on the other side.

Hello, welcome n thy self, welcome in thy High Self, mama earth father sky, meeting in the middle. Hello center. Heart beats, heart breaths, air fill lungs. Fresh intake releasing the stale. 

Chest is pulled by a tide, pulled by your tide the rhythm you have on the inside. When outside and sea side we see the push and pull the flow the flow the flow. You've arrive you have landed what are you feeling and on what planet

The work Dana shares draws you in to your own self. In a simple way, she aids in revealing what you already know."

- Ardas Devi

"Dana's crystal keepers workshop was eye-opening and expanded my vision of myself as a spiritual being. The grounding meditation that she teaches and the emphasis on getting the healing and information that one needs personally from the crystals continue to be useful to me many months after the workshop."

 - T. Camery