Heal your Brain,
Balance your Mind

31 Day, on-line recovery course that works!

Our Mission...

is to support you in healing your brain,

building your cognitive function,

balancing your nervous system,

and reclaiming your life.

To support your loved ones

in the process of your recovery.

Course Outline

- Daily Meditations & Techniques

- Strengthening Cognitive Function

- Balancing the nervous system
- Individualized Fitness & Wellness plan

- Decision & Problem-Solving Skill Support
- Risk Assessment & Trauma Response Support Plan

- Coaching and Support for affected loved ones

- Group "Zoom" meetings

- Course Material Worksheets


Course Instructors

Dana Robinson-Wild


Ashley Vrtiska

Course Outline

- Daily Meditations & Techniques

There are ancient meditation practices that redirect thought patterns to a state of “Sat Nam,” thousands of times in every meditation. By redirecting the brain over and over, every day, we teach the brain to find balance and to focus on what we desire it to focus on. This practice improves cognitive function as well as quiets the amygdala and turns on the parasympathetic nervous system.

Course participants will be taught the meditations used in the course as well as recorded versions of the meditations to use as desired. 


- Strengthening Cognitive Function

Cognitive function loss is one of the leading complaints among people that suffer from trauma, be it emotional or physical trauma. Daily life does not take into count an individual's need for rest before hitting cognitive overload and thus triggering cognitive fatigue. In this course, individuals will gain tools and support in understanding their personal risk management and how to support themselves in the moments before reaching overload. Individuals will learn simple practices that can be applied in any situation, so they remain in a state of well-being. 


- Balancing the nervous system

Bringing the nervous system back into balance is a key factor in recovery and resilience. Individuals will learn practices that will bring their parasympathetic nervous system back online when they become aware they are operating from a place of imbalance. 


- Decision & Problem-Solving Skill Support

Desision-making can become complex for individuals with brain trauma and or emotional/physical trauma. Choices seem to have a heavier weight to them, things can seem more intense than they are. Individuals will learn practices and gain course material to support decision-making and navigating problems or tasks. 


- Coaching and Support for a Loved One or Support Person

We warmly invite one of your support people or loved ones to join this course with you. This is a key component of the healing process. When your loved one understands the work you’re doing to heal, they are better able to support not just you, but also themselves through the process. 

It’s likely they too are navigating the reality of a loved one in healing. All the meditations and practices will be beneficial for them, as well as you. 


Your loved one/support person will have opportunities to connect with our community and hear stories and symptoms of others attending the course. Your loved one will be able to share their experience and find connection and community with other “Support Individuals” attending the course. The goal is to validate and support them in their work and process.