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10ML Roller Bottle, rolled in 24k Gold

~Gender Neutral Sent

Warm, sensual and rooted in the ancient wisdom of oil and sacred anointing; Temple Oil, is a beautiful blend of the most pure essential oils. It is finished with flakes of 24k Gold & 24k Platinum from the oldest refinery in Italy dating back 15 generations.

"Temple" is aptly named due the precious 'Iliahi or Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood that use as the rich base for this beautiful fragrance. Sandalwood is one of the twelve ancient oils mentioned in the old testament. It was often given as a gift to Christ, as a way to show deep respect and also used to dress his body after His crucifixion. Sandalwood was used ceremoniously throughout ancient Egypt and the Middle East and was commonly worn by Pharos, Queens, Priestesses, Brides and Bridegrooms.

It's origins date back over 3,000 years.  

Hawaiian Sandalwood is a very special variety due to its warm caramel and smooth spicy notes. 

As the day wears on, you will love the way this blend evolves on your skin. It will transport you to ancient temples filled with incenses, aromatic woods, silk, stone floors... like walking through Ancient Petra after a light rain. 

Pure Oils and More:

- ‘Iliahi (Hawaiian sandalwood)

- Cedarwood
- Patchouli
- 24k Gold

- 24k Platinum
- Fractionated Coconut Oil

The oil can be worn for it’s therapeutic qualities. Sandalwood is sensual and romantic. An excellent oil for meditation. It is thought to be good for the lymphatic system and heart.
Patchouli is healing for the skin, digestion, and as a calmative that enhances relaxation.
Cedarwood is good for the skin, purifying and relaxing.

Temple Oil

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