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Our Services

I'm here to help you create real healing and lasting change.

People often come to me when they're at their wits' end. Sometimes you need extra individual and personalized help. That's where I come in — guiding you with 5 years of experience offering one-on-one coaching for clients who need some extra time for inner work.

Here's what you get when you coach with me:

  • Go over all of your symptoms and do a risk assessment

  • A thorough, personalized plan to help you manage your symptoms and work on your weaknesses. This plan is free to edit and revise each time we meet

  • I also work with family members, friends, and spouses to help you with your needs

  • Meditation, nervous system regulation, life skills
  • Brain trauma recovery and regulation through Kundalini Yoga
  • My clients range from people trying to create more balance with their nervous system, increasing personal wellbeing, to people trying to navigate PTSD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, to people with post-concussive symptoms to physically traumatic brain injuries.

Every person who works with me will receive compassionate care, understanding, patience, and the personal help they need. We will work together as long as you need.

All appointments are done online, via Zoom.

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